Composition and Production

We can write and produce the music for your songs, or compose a track from scratch so you can add whatever instrument or vocal arrangement you want. Or we can collaborate with you and help arranging your vocal harmonies, make string arrangements or any other instrumentation.

Mixing & Mastering

We mix & master to any format, from vinyl and CD to high-definition audio and 5.1 surround for DVD and Blu-ray. Whether you’re a festival-headlining band or a bedroom electronic musician, we are dedicated to presenting your music with the best sound possible.

Sound Design

Music and sound for films, performances, dance, theatre, interactive installations. Multichannel audio, surround 5.1, Quad and more formats. We have a lot of experience working with dance & theatre companies as well as multimedia artists and performers.


From the studio to the Stage

Music and sound are  very important elements in any performative work.

Spatial Audio

Multichannel audio can be used in the form of a surround sound mix, or in a more tri-dimentional installation. The space is used as a compositional element.


Tell us about your project.

You can request a quote, ask for some demos or just share with us your ideas.